College Test Prep



Intensive, two-day, 3-hour exam prep sessions focused on either English or math.

Do you need a review or haven’t cracked open a book?

Register now for an intense exam prep overview, featuring in-person, small-group instruction from experienced faculty. You’ll get content review and personalized feedback in a small classroom setting. Convenient weekend times are available at a Wake Tech Community College location near you!

Registration fees, books and materials
Cram-Jam Exam Prep sessions cost $195 for 6 hours of instruction. Books, materials, and snacks are included in the price of the class!

Refunds and transfers:
Thank you for investing in your success with College Test Prep. Because materials are purchased for each student upon enrollment, we are not able to provide refunds or transfers.


Is a Cram-Jam session right for me?

Cram-Jam is a two-day crash course overview of the SAT® or ACT® exams. Each session focuses on only one subject (English or math), and provides test-taking strategies.

If you want more in-depth exam preparation spaced out over several class meetings, learn more on our SAT® Exam Prep page or our ACT® Exam Prep page.