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Are you prepared for the ACT® Exam?

Register now for exam prep sessions, featuring in-person, small-group instruction from experienced faculty. You’ll get content review and personalized feedback in a small classroom setting. Convenient weekend times are offered at a Wake Tech Community College campus.

Registration fees, books and materials
ACT® Exam Prep sessions cost $450 for 28 class hours of instruction with highly qualified, subject-specific instructors. Books are included in the price of the class; students should provide their own paper, writing utensils and permitted calculators.

Refunds and transfers:
Because materials are purchased for each student upon enrollment, we are not able to provide refunds or transfers.




About the ACT® Exam

The ACT® is given to all North Carolina high school students as a measure of college readiness. It is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.

The test is administered on six test dates in September, October, December, February, April, and June. Students have traditionally taken the ACT® in the spring of their junior year, and if necessary, again in the fall of their senior year. Many students are now taking the exam earlier (in the fall of their junior year) to allow time for retesting and taking other tests.

The ACT® test takes approximately two hours and 55 minutes, including a short scheduled break. The ACT® Plus Writing test takes approximately three hours and 35 minutes

The ACT® consists of 215 multiple-choice questions: 75 questions in English (45 minutes); 60 questions in math (60 minutes); 40 questions in reading (35 minutes), and 40 questions in sciences (35 minutes). Calculators may be used for the math questions but are not necessary. The ACT® Plus Writing includes the four subject area tests above plus a 40-minute test that measures writing skills as emphasized in high school English classes and entry-level college composition courses. It consists of a writing prompt that defines an issue and  describes three points of view on that issue; the student is then asked to pick a perspective to support. (The writing test adds 30 minutes to the total test time.)

Students earn one ACT® score (1 to 36) on each of the four tests (English, math, reading, science) and a composite ACT® score, which is an average of these four scores. The highest possible score is 36. The national average score is approximately 21.

Your official score(s) will be provided to you, your high school, and up to four colleges of your choice.

The cost of the ACT® exam is $39.50. The cost of the ACT® Plus Writing test is $56.50. Costs include score reports.